Find a look that feels right to you, outdoor living is an extension of your indoors, bring your own touch out with unique patio ideas and more

Unique Patios And More-living spaces that are great for entertaining and relaxing in your own outdoor oasis. If your Deck, balcony, or patio doesn’t feel inviting, it may be time to invest in comfortable outdoor seating. That alone may not solve the problem completely. The wrong setup could spoil the Aura you’re trying to achieve

Ovios Patio Chair Set
Ovios Patio Dining Porch Chairs

5″ Cusions & Higher Backs

Elegance at Low Prices

Lausaint Home pop up Gazebo Canopy
Lausaint Home 11’x11′ Pop Up Gazebo Canopy

Sun Protection

When The Rain Hits, You’re Covered

Patio Furniture Set By Ovios
7 Piece Patio Furniture Set by Ovios

Modern Cozy Lifestyle

Great for Family Gatherings

Experience The Ambience

Unique Patio ideas and More, Erommy brings high quality Gazebo’s to the table

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Erommy is like a one stop shop, everything you need for home, indoors or outdoors

We Can Help You Find That Perfect Piece

What Are You
Looking For?

Looking for Unique Patio Furniture? Here are some ideas…

If you’re looking for that perfect water fountain for your patio, backyard or sundeck, make sure it comes with a pump you can simply plugin providing you have out door access or use an extension cord.

Lighting on any patio or deck adds a nice tradition to the picturesque fountain, and the soft sound of cascading water provides the perfect compliment to your outdoor experience.

Give your garden some festive flair with intricate design, solar capabilities and function as you introduce some excitement into your garden today.

Take your gas grill to the beach or camping, they have carry cases and come with everything you need, except the propane. No need to worry about sparking a wildfire, this is a safe and contained way to camp out and still have your bonfire to cook. No more gathering wood or brush, just relax and have fun!

When hunting for outdoor furniture

Never compromise on quality, it does not matter how perfectly that trendy sofa matches with your indoor set, if it’s poor quality, it will look terrible before the year is over. While reasonable options are limited, go with simple and transitional style pieces. Not only is it easier to pair accent pillows and blankets to your indoor style, it is easy to change it up in the future.

Find accent pillows and colors that compliment, rather than exactly match what you have indoors. This will keep your entire living space fresh and fun.

If everything inside is traditional, carry that tone with more curved traditional sets outdoors as well. This will create the feeling that your home flows outside, rather than feeling like you stepped into the neighbors patio.

Narrowing down your ideas can be a challenge, everyone needs another’s insight at times that help you pave the way to achieving your fantasy Outdoor Patio Decor. Weather it’s plain and simple or extravagant and Luxurious, I’m here to help you with my ideas (At no charge). Contact me (@ top of page) , I will email you back.

First-class Professionals

Outdoor Trees for Your Patio & Backyard,

Keep it Small or Go Big…

Surround your Patio and Backyard Focal Point with Plants and Beautiful Trees for that Close to Nature Ambiance

King Alexander PalmTree
King Alexander Palm
Majesty Palm Tree
Majesty Palm Tree Plant 48″
Foxtail Palm Tree Plant Live
Foxtail Palm Tree Plant Live
Outdoor Decorating

Mood, character, quality, tone and atmosphere

Making Your Patio Warmer with Plants and small trees gives it more scenery and serenity…

Best Coice Patio Bistro
Best Choice Conversation Patio Bistro
Windmill Fan Palm Tree
Windmill Fan Palm Tree

Windmill Palm thrives in harsh weather as it’s cold toleration makes an excellent choice for Out door Patio Decoration

American Plant Exchange

Windmill Palm Tree
Windmill Palm Tree

Easy care and cold hearty tropical Palm is an indoor/outdoor Air Purifier and can withstand 10 degree weather

Brussel's live gardenia Bonsais Tree
Brussel’s Live Gardenia Bonsai Tree

Outdoor Bonsai has luxurious white or cream colored flowers that form in small clusters with a strong delightful scent

Erommys Canopy
Erommy Canopy’s
Erommy Outdoor Patio Set

More Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas for Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space

Everyone Loves a warm barbeque in the summer. You can also have barbeques in the coolr days as well. With hot chocolate and warm gear, enjoy a cool breeze in the winter sitting by the fire pit.

Costa Farms Cat Palm
Costa Farms Cat Palm

Chamaedorea Cataractarum

Live Plant, 3 Feet Tall


Feel the Comfort by Edenbrook

Finishing Touches Paint a Picture

Costa Farms Majesty Palm
Costa Farms Majesty Palm

Live indoor or outdoor

Palm from Costa Farm

Amaryllis Red Lion
Amaryllis Red Lion

Not only a good choice to grow in the garden, but also a nice plant to enjoy indoors. Its big lily-like flowers are rich in color and have a long blooming blooming season. They bring bright hues to your garden over a long time.

Dwarf Lemon Bonsai Seed
Dwarf Lemon Bonsai Seeds

Always beautiful, this plant offers interest and appeal even when it’s not loaded with fruits (that’s right – even when grown as a bonsai, your lemon tree can still produce tasty fruit for you!).

Dutch Iris Bulbs
40 Dutch Iris Bulbs For Fall Planting

Exercise caution and use your best judgment before ordering during unusually hot or cold weather (below 32 degrees F, or in excess of 95F for shipping purposes), as these extremes may leave your plant vulnerable.

Bonsai Tree Dragon Willow
Bonsai Tree Dragon Willow

There are many other types of willow that can make beautiful Bonsai trees. Types of willow such as the dragon willow and Australian willow all make great Bonsai trees.

If you want to enhance your outdoor space, add a hammock. It’ll surely be the first place your guests will go as it woo’s them.

Unique hammocks are handcrafted by artisans around the world. Discover hundreds of rope and fabric hammocks, including Mayan Hammocks, double hammocks and swings from Central America, Mexico and Brazil.

Sunnydaze 12" Hammock Stand
Sunnydaze 12″ Hammock Stand

Start with the frame and add your style.

ChefsTemp Thermometers For “Perfect Meat” Everytime

Chef’sTemp Thermometer

ChefsTemp Thermometers are having a Sale

Finaltouch X10 is the Winner of Red Dot Product Design in 2022. Winning the award proves its the Leader in Design and Technology. The Finaltouch X10 meat & steak cooking thermometer is the best way to ensure your food is cooked with an accurate temperature reading and ease-of-use functionality.

Summer is On The Way, Think Outdoor Living…

ChefsTemp Thermometers
ChefsTemp FinalTouch X10

I like my steaks medium rare, they seem to ALWAYS end up being overcooked. I can’t tell you how dissapointing it has been, I no longer yearn for that perfect juicy and tender steak. Through ChefsTemp I found the problem solved, it’s a Thermometer that gets it right the first time, everytime.

A medium rare steak should have an internal temperature of 135 degrees. Steaks cooked medium rare will have a warm, red center, and it’s temperature is just enough to allow enough of the flavors from the marbling to dissove within the steak. Perfect steak everytime with ChefsTemp Thermometers! Read More…

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Fire Sense Products

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