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Not everyone lives in a rainy climate, if you’re lucky enough to live in a warm sunny climate, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for that cozy patio or welcoming backyard BBQ space, you’ve come to the right place. Cozy retreats made to fit your budget and style can be found right in your backyard. Here you’ll find some design ideas for a cozy patio in your outdoor space.

We all love spending time outside, especially in the summer, but you can still enjoy the outdoor entertainment in the cooler days. With your ideas and ours, we can help you with some awesome accessories and furniture for your patio ideas and help you take on an entirely new look to entertaing outdoors. String lights are the easiest to decorate your patio with whilst giving your patio that celebratory feel.

Patio Lighting

With the right lighting, you can transform your patio from a daytime sunbathing sanctuary to a night time oasis. For a romantic, yet gentle, draped string of spherical lights you can make everynight feel like the perfect night. Just by hanging soft lights from above on your patio posts or ledges can give your patio that warm, cozy feel of your dream patio.

Depending on your choices and style, lighting can create a fun party vibe or a relaxing ambience. You just need a little inspiration to help get you started. Sky is the limit using your imagination to creating your personal outdoor space and making it your own.

Beautiful suspended globe lights

If your taste is more towards surrounding yourself with nature, outdoor plants give you a mild jungle ambience. Surrounding yourself with plants and flowers is not only a natural feeling, but it’s also healthy and brings in clean and fresh oxygen. Adding outdoor furniture is a must for your patio and choosing the right style will make your outdoor oasis your palace.

I get hanging fern plants every year, they invite nature’s colors to my deck and expose thier raw beauty. Potted plants and flowers are also in my theme, you just can’t have enough plants and flowers, there’s always a perfect spot to place them.

Source: @lola.decor_via Instagram

This next image is of a small deck with limited space, I’m sure we can identify with this one. They’ve made it thier own cozy outdoor space by adding an outdoor seating area. A shelf was added for a sporty 12th man look along with small potted plants.

Lighting was added with string lights and lanterns to give it a warm feeling adding a firepit in the middle. The rug and accent pillows tie everything together against the dark color of the deck.

Small Outdoor Area

You don’t need to build a large patio deck for entertaining, if you have it already, that’s great, but if you don’t, it’s your imagination that’ll turn it into you cozy getaway. Below is a good sized platform as big as another room you can create your outdoor, backyard entertainment area on. Hanging lighting in the back yard gives you the mindset that a party is about to begin, or the softer lights for relaxation and entertaining space.

Five chairs for family or guests are place around the firepit to set a mood for close interaction with guests. The green potted plants give the look and feel of nature once again plus the colorful potted flowers make everything pop. This image is somewhere I could go relax everynight after a hectic day. Notice the area rug blends in nicely with the accent pillows and cushions. The firepit makes it all stunning.

Dining Delight

Backyard Fire Pits for Entertaining

There’s nothing more satisfying than the instant heat and smoke-free ambience of a gas fire pit. They make a wonderful addition for warmth for backyard entertainment. On the deck or patio, a gas fire pit table makes a gret gathering space for friends and family.

The fire casts a gorgeous glow in the center of a table that leaves enough room around the edges for drinks and snacks. These decorative, portable gas fire pits are a must have for more intimate gatherings.

You might just want a simple patio heater that uses propane with lava rocks for those cooler nights, or one made from stone or brick (DIY Project), maybe a portable wood burning fire pit is more your style. Below are some great ideas for the perfect addition to any outdoor hosting, Practical, elegant and entertaining. Just remember, fire pits are the focus of your oasis and are always a conversational piece.

Fire Pit Heater
Royal Garden Propane Fire Pit
Wood Burning Stone Fire Pit
Kristopher Knight Stone Fire Pit
Wood Burning Fire Pit
PaPa Jet Fire Pit

Fire Pits are crowd pleasers, lighting up a fire is a way to create a focal point at an outdoor gathering. We stare into the fire watching the flames dance as our thoughts run wild as if we’re in a hypnotic state, and we all love to gather around the fire. If you’re looking for a reason to invite people, all you need to say is, “We’re lighting up the fire pit tonight, you’re invited to come over”.

Wood fires are glorious, and in the right conditions, a wood burning fire pit can be the perfect backyard addition. If you’re worried about the restrictions on wood burning or bans ( we’ve certainly had our share of wildfires this year), get a propane fire pit.

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