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Outdoor Kitchen designs should bring a natural flow from inside your home to the outside living space. Oxidized woven steel is used to create a textured backdrop to your outdoor Patio kitchen Design with Style. Colorful tiles add a flair repeating the same colors used throughout the entire outdoor living space. Adding a borader color of the tile will define the dining area where your table will be inviting.

There’s so many different ideas to choose from when you have a covered area for your outdoor space. Patio kitchens have been the leaders in barbeque island, outdoor kitchens, wood fired pizza ovens and much more creating your outdoor oasis. Choosing the style you want isn’t easy, but I’m here to give you some choices that may help you get started.

Welcome to “Design Your Outdoor Space, Make it Personal – DYI”

Developing Your Plan

Here are some steps to start planning and developing your new outdoor patio kitchen design and covered living space. Your first step in developing your plan is measuring. A good measuring tape or a laser distance measurer wil make the job easier. Exact and precise measurements are a key part of developing your plan. You may want to consult a licensed contractor on the your project as they can help you with everything from measuring to the finished product.

But if you’re into a DIY project you can put your DIY skills to work, try looking into modular outdoor kitchen kits. These kits are available in a broad range of sizes and shapes as well as materials and custom designs. Some kits also come with accessories like compact refrigerators, stainless steel cabinets, custom countertops and dining areas.

Planning from a prefabricated layout rather than having an outdoor kitchen custom-designed cuts down on time and cost because the design work is already done for you. That makes the rest of your layout much quicker to realize and narrow down your floor plan.

If you have an odd shaped space or want to get a more custom look for your oudoor patio kitchen, consider a rounded or triangle layout. These shapes will create easier access to cabinets and appliances, and you can easily add a bar on one side so you can talk to your guests while you prep and cook.

Designing Your Space

Start at the top when you’re planning your outdoor kitchen. What are the most important aspects you want to include in your outdoor kitchen? If you have a smaller space, stick with the basics like a grill and some counter and cabinet space. Consider an outdoor kitchen island with a propane grill and ice bin to minimize the need for utilities like plumbing and gas.

A great space saver when planning an outdoor kitchen is an open wall area you can use for dining table and chairs for entertaining. This will make access to utilities within your home much simpler, unless you have an outdoor plugin for lighting, big screen TV, radio etc.. then think about your cabinetry above and below just as you would for an indoor kitchen.

If you install your kitchen on one wall, that might put you with your back towards the party, add an island for prep work and serving to give you space and movement while entertaining your guests. You might want to add bar stools on the other side of the island for more active and responsive conversation with your guests. The alternative is out door patio furniture for a more intimate party, or both.

Corner Outdoor Kitchen idea

Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Designed kitchens usually include a prep and cooking area, some storage, and either a bar or dining table seating. These elements are a good start for the budget-conscious because they don’t require utilities like gas, electric or plumbing.

Outdoor kitchens can get expensive, and there are a few elements that may push your budget over the edge. Adding anything that requires a contractor or professional, like electrical or plumbing, will add up quickly. Avoid this by positioning your outdoor kitchen near an entrance or in close proximity to a water hose for easy access to kitchenware and cleanup.

Opt for a propane tank or charcoal rather than installing gas lines to your grill or cooktop. And look for items that are portable so you can take them with you if you decide to move.

Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens

We all know that the right lighting will enhance everything from moods to colors but there are other things to consider when dealing with light outdoors. Let’s talk about Outdoor kitchen lighting ideas that can affect everything from food preparation to mosquito control. You don’t want to cut into your meat and walk inside to make sure it’s done, the solution is installing the right lighting.

Whether you have a large outdoor kitchen or a modest outdoor kitchen island, the right lighting and fixtures can change your entire outdoor cooking and dining experience. The first area to consider in outdoor kitchen lighting is above the grill or cooktop. This may seem obvious, but being able to see the food you’re cooking is essential to presentation and whether meats are cooked to the right temperature.

Halogen lamps are small and stand up to higher temperatures, which make them perfect for outdoor cooking areas. You may want to install task lighting with Par-20 halogen bulbs above your grill or cooking area. Lighting and any electrical fixtures should also be rated for humid and damp conditions. There are many variations from damp to wet, so be sure you choose fixtures best suited for your zone or climate.

Covered Outdoor Living Space

If your outdoor kitchen or dining area is covered, consider installing a ceiling fan with a lighting fixture. The fan deters mosquitos and the extra lighting will help the performance of the entire kitchen area. Also consider installing a dimmer so you can adjust the amount of light in your outdoor kitchen for those obtrusive mosquitos and pests, or just for a romantic evening.

For extra appeal, rather than installing pendant lighting over the bar (for spider web purposes) and serving area, install lighting under the cabinets and countertops, also inside lower cabinets where overhead lights don’t provide great coverage. Personally, I would install overhead lighting and just keep the duster handy for (spider) web removal. Consider solar-powered LED landscape lighting for walkways and the outer perimeter of your outdoor kitchen for extra safety measures and ambiance.

The Possibilities are endless

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