How Weber’s idea Came About from a Dinner Disaster

Weber Barbeques were founded in 1952 by George Stephen who took his passion for grilling and perfect steaks and combined it with a revolutionary grill design inspired by a buoy shape. It was known as the Kettle Grill and that was the start of something that would become the world’s leading barbeque brand.

The history of the barbeque was first sparked by the quest for a better steak. They used brick fireplaces in the 1950’s. George decided to build one for himself and did so, then invited friends over which was a disaster when his steaks went up in flames.

George's Kettle Grill
George’s Kettle Grill

Born From a buoy Shape

After George’s steaks went up in flames and his dinner was a disaster, he got epiphany…there had to be a better way.

George worked his day job at Weber Brothers metal Works welding spheres together making buoys. He took one of the spheres and cut it in half, added legs and punched holes in the bottom for airflow and put a lid on it.

This Barbeque is the iconic Weber kettle grill that we see today, genius! The company name, Weber grew into the most trusted grilling name in the industry. Meet Stephen, George’s son in this video.

Weber Grilling Celebrating 70 years Limited Edition Kettle Collection

The 70th Anniversary collection celebrates Weber’s innovative spirit and passion for making a better grilling experience for everyone just beacuse of one disaster of a dinner!

Original Grill Master

George’s innovation took Grilling to a New Level and we all thank him for that even though he is no longer with us, but his creation is and it’s getting better all the time. Now referred to as ‘George-Stephen’, Stephen being Georges’s son, I believe Stephen runs the company now, I only suspect as he is in the video on their website. The link is above.

The Limited-Edition Kettle Collection has four heritage colors with intricate details that reflect American culture in the 1950’s and pay tribute to the past, present and future of outdoor cooking.

70th Anniversary Edition Kettle Charcoal Grill

Commemorative Collection

Hot Rod Yellow

The Anniversry Kettle is a high-quality Weber kettle we’ve all come to expect combined with nostalgic and modern features. Salutes different eras of Weber’s history can be found throughout it’s detailed exterior. (This paragraph pertains to all 4 kettles here)

Diner Green

Diner Green exterior harkens to the classic diners from the 50’s. Featuring a stylish 50’s hood ornament-inspired lid thermometer.

Rock and Roll Blue

Wood-like nylon handles resemble thos on 80’s and 90’s Kettles. Store your tools in the utility tray, last featured in 1950’s kettle.

Hollywood Gray

White-walled wheels commemorate the kettle era, 1952-2022

All 4 Kettles come with a limited edition, retro themed metal sign and bottle opener.

You can check this link out for more information about Weber innovations up to 2022.

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