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Who Has The Best Grills to Choose From? BBQGuys and Here’s Where They Came From…

If you haven’t heard of BBQ Guys, you have to check out the “Best Grills” at BBQ Guys Christmas Sales! But first, I’m here to give you a little bit of their backround. For starters, they are about much more than just grills. They have been very successful as BBQGuys, and have generated an e-commerce company that actually began as a humble brick and mortar store amid the online shopping revolutioon.

Of course I’m going to say they have the best grills to choose from, I’m promoting them. Truth is, I research all day long, and they really are the best grills to choose from. High quality products and they’ve fought for their place in the industry and have been around for a long time.

The Grill Store & More, founded by Mike and Ladina Hackley in 1998, did exactly what it’s name promised. Provided outdoor cooking and living products landing in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Within 2 years, the business opened a New Orleans location to serve a greater portion of Southeast Louisiana. The Hackleys eventually merge onto the endless possibilities of the world of online shopping.

Best Grills at BBQGuys
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Launching The Best Grills at

Again, They Are The Best Grills to Choose From, They Stand apart From The Rest.

The Hackleys continued expansion beyond grills and outdoor cooking products. They focussed on the e-commerce destination for all outdoor living needs, which was a fantastic decision for them in the coming years. was joined by sister sites and under the umbrella of They soon staked its claim as the online leader for outdoor living products.

The industry began taking notice with landing on the Inc 5000 list of America’s fastest growing private businesses in 2008. They earned a spot on the Internet Retailer’s ranking of the 500 fastest growing online retailers. They haven’t left either position for more than a decade (very impressive, wouldn’t you say?).

BBQGuys Rebranding in 2019

BBQGuys turned a new page, when in 2019 the folded all the sister sites into BBQGuys brand. A move that streamlined customer experiences by bringing all their products under a single roof (110,000 square foot warehouse).

Baton Rouge headquarters is home to 3 warehouses. A growing sales and support center, their showroom which is an outdoor kitchen design service and all of their online operations staff.

Perhaps our proudest moment came shortly after the BBQGuys rebrand. When the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship selected us as a National Small Business of the week in April 2009. A few monthes later, the Baton Rouge Business Report named BBQGuys on of the area’s top 100 private companies for the year.

The Hackley’s

Moving Forward With Success

“We Needed a Quarterback”

Eli & Archi Manning-The Biggest Kickoff in BBQ History

Their’s more to link out for more information on their landing page. I’d just like to share one more thing with you and that’s BBQGuys Mission and Values:

“Provide the very best in grilling and outdoor living to those who, like us, were born to grill. That driving purpose hasn’t changed even as we’ve adapted to the digital marketplace and evolved into one of America’s fastest growing private businesses. We’ve never lost sight of the values we embraced from the very beginning. To ensure we never forget the beliefs that got us here”.

The Hackley’s

BBQGuys, Paying it Forward and Helping the Community

Reflecton on their important efforts and company values

BBQGuys committed themselves to enacting positive change in their community’s struggles with hunger and homelessness, economic development, and environmental conservation.

In 2021 alone, they donated nearly 73,000 meals (State goal 10,000) and dedicated volunteer hours to like minded organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Coalation to Restore Coastal Louisiana. They continue practicing these goals and are stronger than ever into 2022. BBQGuys are striving to make their community a better and more welcoming place for all. Follow their efforts to learn more

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When I sign on with a company to promote their products, I look for high quality products. Plus, excessories that the majority of America can afford to buy as well as enjoy for a long time to come.

BBQGuys have hit that mark 100%! The more I research the people behind the scenes, the more I admire them for their Entrepreneurship and endless hardwork to be successful.

Giving back to their community and paying it forward is heart warming at best. What better way to give back than helping the homeless and hungry part of the community, I share their concerns and commitments.

The Best Grills for Christmas Sales means lots of savings to you and your families, feel free to check BBQGuys out (above)!

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Heat resistant Silicon, making the 110v electrical ignition system fast and reliable, while fully-adjustable brass valves ensure precision flame control.

The 15,000 BTU ceramic rear infrared burner coupled with the heavy-duty rotisserie motor ensure smooth turning and consistent heating for perfectly rotissed foods.

The stainless steel cooking grates are durable and easy to clean, and the dual-position warming rack lifts up and out of the way when not in use for additional workspace.

Providing protection from the elements and helping maintain the beauty of your grill, the control panel is recessed, keeping chrome knobs and switches out of the way.

Experience more comfortable grilling with the unique Artisan air curtain chimney design, keeping controls cool to the touch, even with lid closed.

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The matching 304 stainless steel cart features two side shelves, spacious dual access door storage, and locking caster wheels for easy mobility.

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