The Best long-range Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer

Electronic Meat Thermometer – Digital Grill Thermometer-Never Overcook Your Meat Again!

While you’re outdoors on your patio with friends and family BBQing, these thermometers will make your steaks, hamburger, chicken a hit by giving you the perfect temp. I’m serious folks, these thermometers will change your life!

ChefsTemp Quad XPro

The Quad XPro allows you to stay connected and track the live cooking temperatures of your food with a transmission distance up to 500 feet (150 meters), ensuring that your food is at the right temperature and perfectly smoked at all times.

The Perfect Temperature Every Time-

Finaltouch X10 is the Winner of Red Dot Product Design in 2022. Winning the award proves its the Leader in Design and Technology. The Finaltouch X10 meat & steak cooking thermometer is the best way to ensure your food is cooked with an accurate temperature reading and ease-of-use functionality.

Finaltouch X10

The Finaltouch X10 has an Ever-Bright Backlight, High Accuracy, 1 Second Reading, Long Battery Life, the magnet on the back allows you to store it right on your fridge so you always know where it is, and it’s Waterproof!

ChefTemp also has a pocket thermometer

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The ChefsTemp Pocket Pro

The ChefsTemp Pocket Pro thermometer is a simple, yet highly effective and lightning fast culinary tech tool made for any type of cook for any type of cooking environment, providing accurate temperature readings within 1 second.

ChefsTemp Pocket Pro Cooking Thermometer

Professional thermocouple probe sensor with 1 second reading time, this pocket size kitchen gadget is suitable for both professional chefs and home cooks.

Pocket Pro is another amazing innovation from ChefsTemp. It is a 4-way rotating display thermometer, which means it will detect your holding angle and rotate the display accordingly.

Convenient for both left and right hand users!
4 vibrant colors to choose from: Nobility Blue, Iced Mango, Lime Zest and Tiffany Blue.

Product Features for The Pocket Pro:

  • World’s Fastest and Super Accurate: 1 second reading time and ±0.7℉(±0.4℃) accuracy. It uses the same sensor as Chefstemp Finaltouch x10 to give pinpoint temperature readings as soon as you put in the probe.
  • Big Digit and Backlight: Made for amateurs or professionals, this easy-to-use and intuitive design feature a backlight display with auto-rotating big digits that are clearly visible.
  • 4 Direction Auto-rotating Display: Built-in motion sensors can detect if the device changes its direction and rotate the display accordingly, a simple solution for awkward angles and left-handers.
  • IP66 Waterproof: Splashes and spills happen. Confidently use ChefsTemp knowing it keeps working through the mess, just like you do.
  • Magnetic Backing: You can stick the ChefsTemp Pocket Pro cooking thermometer to any metal surface.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Made with a built-in lithium battery and Type-C plug for super-fast charging, you definitely will not have to worry about replacing the battery.


RANGE: -22 to 572°F (-30 to 300°C)
ACCURACY:±0.7℉(±0.4℃) from 32 to 212°F(0 to 100°C), otherwise±1.8℉(±1℃)
±3°F (±1.5°C) from 392 to 572°F (200 to 300°C);
RESOLUTION: Factory set to 0.1 °
RESPONSE TIME: 1 second readout (Speed in oil is slightly slower than in water)
PROBE: 4.5 L x 0.1 inch dia. reduces to 0.06 inches dia.
(114 L x 2.5 mm dia. reduces to 1.5 mm dia.)
OPERATING RANGE: 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
AUTO-OFF: After 10 minutes  AUTO BACKLIGHT: 15 seconds
BATTERY: 3.7 V lithium battery, Type-C plug
DISPLAY: 1.13 H x 0.56 W inches (28.9 H x 14.4 W mm)
PRODUCT SIZE: 7.1 H x 2.08 W x 0.74 D inches (180.5 H x 53 W x 19 D mm)

Never Overcook Cook a Perfect Steak Again

Watch this video taste test, she really delves into the different types of steak she cooked with her new thermometers. It’s rather a funny video watching her eat these rather large bite sized pieces you see above. She did a great job presenting the end result. If you loved her as much as I did, Follow and subscribe here


You’re using a Chefs Thermometer so how can you lose? The great feature on the thermometer is (well, it has a lot of great features) that it gives you an immediate and accurate reading. It’d be wonderful to never overcook a steak again, which happens in my home almost everytime (it’s going to be a great Christmas gift!).

This brand is amazing and I think it’s a must have in the kitchen. The reviews were all positive! This product was given 5 STARS in every review, that say’s it all! Check the reviews out!

Bob (verified owner) – 2022-03-01

I brought it home, put a pan of water on the stove to boil and filled a cup with ice and a little water. I put the pen in the boiling water – 212 degrees exactly. Moved it to the ice water – 32 degrees exactly.

Bryces C. (verified owner) – 2022-03-03

Way faster than the thermometer it replaced. Immediate and accurate temperature reading. Highly recommend.

Caleb A. (verified owner) – 2022-03-04

The company website is very user-friendly. The price is excellent for such a quality product. Very, very happy with it!

Lily (verified owner) – 2022-03-09

This is an extraordinarily fine device and I recommend it to anyone in need of a kitchen thermometer.

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  1. We love a good barbecue and how great is it whilst you’re having a great time with friends and family, these thermometers will cook your meat by giving you the perfect temperature. I think it is a must have in the kitchen and will definitely look into it after reading this article. Maybe on black Friday there are some good deals? 

    1. I agree with you, barbeques are a great way to get the family together, and with the holidays coming up, you can have a perfectly cooked turkey. Right now you can get 20% off but I can appreciate you waiting until the Black Friday Deals start. I’m looking into that as we speak, as soon as I know, I will definately put it on the same ChefsTemp post for your convenience. Thank you for commenting, Happy Holidays


  2. It is quite important to have the correct temperature when you are having a barbecue and I always seem to have trouble with that. Especially with chicken: either it is not cooked enough on the BBQ or it is starting to burn and get black edges, it’s horrible! I hope that by buying this thermometer this won’t happen again, and I will take advantage of black Friday! thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Lizzy, I’m right there with you, I can’t tell you how many steaks were overcooked in our household and really, unejoyable. Getting the perfect temperature everytime is a great solution. The ChefsTemp thermometer has a probe sensor for a 1 second reading time, it’s fantastic. I’m glad you discovered it and I’d like to thank you for your time, Happy cooking in the Holidays!

      There’s a 20% off ad on the front of my website (at the bottom) for ChefsTemp. If there’s going to be a Black Friday Sale, I’ll post it on the frontend as well.

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