Patio Decor With Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Inspiration for Patio on a Budget

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Country Outdoor Patio Decor

Here’s How to decorate your patio on a budget. Simply use items that you already have inside your home.

Your patio is an extension of your home where guest mingle to socialize in a more relaxed setting.

When you decorate your patio with taste, your property value increases making it a win win. I’m here to give you country patio decorating ideas to help you achieve just that.

Patio Decor With Farmhouse Style

How To Decorate Your Patio On a Budget

By using vintage, aged and shiplap wood you can create a country patio that brings a charm and hospitable feeling to your surroundings that we don’t get or feel these days. Seems most of us live in the city where all the hustle and bustle is and we don’t get a chance to relax, breathe and enjoy our private space outdoors.

While planning your outdoor country patio, keep in mind of the awesome transformations you can bring to the table.For instance, using vintage, aged wood and even shiplap definitely brings in an aesthetic feel to your vision.

I love shiplap, the look is so vintage and brings so much warmth to a room. It just, reminds me of someone saving and repurposing an old barn that has seen a lot in its day and bringing it back to life for someone else to enjoy.

Farmhouse Inspired Decor

Patio Decor With Farmhouse Style

Supplies for your country patio decor ideas could include aluminum pots, painted or distressed and crate box’s that could also be painted and distressed to give them that vintage look.

Of course bringing old vases into the mix is always welcome, along with a small herbal garden planter that hangs on the wall.

Simple ideas can bring huge changes to your outdoor oasis. Things like antique lanterns, candles and small white lights will change the ambiance on your beautiful country patio.

Outdoor Spaces Are Often Overlooked

You can Decorate Your Patio on a Budget With What You Have Lying Around The House

Your country farmhouse style patio living area is your first opportunity to make an impression on guests and neighbors, giving it a face lift doesn’t have to be expensive.

It can be done quite cheap without it looking cheap. You probably already have most of the decorations lying around your house or packed away in your garage.

Try looking through all of those boxes you haven’t looked in since you made the big move to a new residence. You might find a throw rug that you feel OK with using outdoors.

Old and new lanterns and candles

Country Chair with A Throw Blanket on The Arm
Country Chair with A Throw Blanket on The Arm

Old lanterns and candles are always a beautiful sight in the evening on the patio. Add a string or 2 of small white or colored lights above under the eve for a nice touch.

Add potted plants to the mix, they give you the outdoor ambiance what you’re looking for, always a winner. If you prefer fresh cut flowers, bring a vase to place them in.

Bring out a couple of outdoor chairs you can put a throw blanket draped over the arm to bring a cozy feel to your patio. If you can picture this, you’re well on your way to making your Country Patio Decorating ideas all your own.

With a large patio you can also add a hot tub for you and your guests to relax, socialize and enjoy the scenery. There’s nothing more entertaining than a hot tub party.

Farmhouse Garden Decor

Beautiful Flowers are Always Enjoyable to Admire

Plants always bring a calm and peace to a decorated patio. Bringing nature in with a pop of color sends your outdoor patio to the finish line.

One of the best plants for an outdoor patio is the Lantana, known for being an invasive plant in warm areas, keep it in a pot container and they’re perfect and can’t get out of control.

The Lantana plants bloom continuously in warm sunny weather. Known for being drought resistant, these plants require a larger patio container to keep the aggressive roots happy.

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patio decor with farmhouse style

Coleus are hearty plants that grow well in full sunlight or shade. Deadheading them creates a full bushy plant, remove the lavender flower spikes.

The spikes on the plant attract hummingbirds, so if you have cats, you might want to think about another plant for your country patio decorating ideas and go with coleus, they’re a beautiful and attractive plant.

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patio decor with farmhouse style

In the past ten years, the cultivars of coleus have exploded, and now you can find a leaf color to match almost any decor.

Rustic Patio Decor ideas, This one is My Pick!

Cozy rustic patio Ingrained into Natures Beauty

The wrap around railing and deck comes directly from the back door of the log cabin home. Designed exquisitely and well-thought-out, this is definitely the peoples choice if you like the rustic spectacle.

With a patio of this caliber you’re adding more square footage to your home and that increases property value. It took someones great imagination to create this inspirational, architectural and monumental rustic patio.

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Farmhouse Country Patio Decor ideas

Secluded, Private, Cozy and Surrounded by Nature

What isn’t there to love

A masterpiece in the Forrest with a stone fireplace as the focal point. Plenty of seating for socializing and entertaining.

A patio to be proud of when showing off its exceptional structure and surroundings.

The image has the chairs strategically placed with vases sitting on end tables.

Live plants fill empty spaces comfortably. A rug is placed under the main seating area and along the walkway, there’s all the elements, it’s perfectly done and amazing.

Rustic Country Patio Decor ideas

What Outdoor Patio Doesn’t Need a Firepit?

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Rustic Country Patio Decor ideas

Patio Decor With Farmhouse Style

Includes a Hot Tub and Firepit with plenty of lighting. Chateau D’Oex Steamboat Springs, Co.

The patio is possible to build in your back yard, as it has a very simple plan. Placing a stone fire pit as the main attraction with a hot tub in the background. If you don’t have an outside fireplace, a fire pit is the next best thing.

I like the entertaining area set close to the house just in case there is wildlife lurking, after all, it is in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This is a rustic country Backyard Patio but it doesn’t offer very many ideas in the way of creative entertainment. Guess you’ll have to enjoy the beautiful scenery during the day or go skiing.

Rustic Backyard Patio Decor

Ideas Can Help You With The Perfect Backyard Patio

If you have the foundation of out door furniture, you can set the mood with little or no cash out-of-pocket (as I mentioned early on). By taking items from inside the home, you can incorporate a flowing integration of style from inside your home straight out to the patio. Believe me, it works!

You could use a futon for the seating if you don’t have an outdoor patio furniture set, a couple of chairs from indoors to set across from the futon for entertaining guests.

If you have a round or square pot you can set a piece of glass over it to make your coffee table. If you don’t like that look, pick up an old grayed out crate and place an attractive cloth over the top or simply paint it.

Decorating a Patio on a Budget
Decorating a Patio on a Budget

Add a very special touch and put a hammock into the mix, you’ll not only have a conversational piece but your guests and or a family member can take a quick snooze in the hammock while you entertain.

That works quite well if they’re from out of town and you have small living quarters. Choose a couple of throw pillows that accent your color decor. Add your style of lights then place some of your favorite plants around from inside. Now you’re ready to entertain and it didn’t cost you a fortune and you have more square feet to your cozy home.

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patio decor with farmhouse style

A crate will be adequate for a coffee table with an elegant throw. I hope this helped you or at least gave you some good ideas for your dream oasis on a budget. As I always say, have fun with it and make it your own!

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