Decorative Downspouts

Decorative downspouts act as both a splash block and an ornamental enhancement even if you don’t have gutter drain problems. The rain chains are an efficient way to controll your gutter water and tunnel it away from your foundation on your home. The rainchains also move the water through a ceramic figure at the bottom of your rain downspouts, like a hollow log or the mouth of a barking bulldog or your favorite piece. Redirecting water with rain chains adds fun to your yard.

Why do people use rain chains? Rain chains, which resemble a line of wind chimes are usually used to ssist in the direction of rain or flowing water. Most rain chain users will place them over a rain barrell, a birdbath or some other basin or water feature to avoid water fro fillin these gadgets and causing yard flooding.

If you don’t want to spend money on this, I found a video that shows you how to make one for pennies. You’ll need a chain that hangs securely from the inside of your gutter. It seems pretty easy and you will have fun designing a drain for the water at the bottom of the chain.

DIY Gutter Drain

Do It Yourself Drain With a Rain Chain

To make a drain, all you do is dig a hole 30″ wide and 6″ deep to control the water that will come down the chain. Then make sure you have proper drainage by filling the hole with 3/4 inch stone. If you’re using an old ceramic or porous pot, (which looks really cute in the video above) you need to drill holes in the bottom of the pot to release the water.

Once the chain is hung, fillit 3/4 of the way with more 3/4″ stone for drainage. The riverstone they use in the video is expensive, you could replace it with glass colored rocks or anything that puts your spin on it. Once you add the stone on the top for decoration, cover the stone on the outside of the pot (on the ground) with your choice of riverstone or glass colored rocks, make it yours.

Viola, you have a beautiful gutter drain problem solved! If you have an area around the gutter chain that needs a facelift, they simply placed mulch over the area and added a few more plants to upgrade the look.

Already Have Gutters in place?

Garden Decor for Gutter Downspout Extensions

Replace your old downspout diverter with a decorative extension made for outdoors. With this particular extension, you could make it look like a small river for the elves. ust follow the same instructions above, (without the rain chain) and place the 3/4″ stone how ever you want your miniature river to wind about. Then add some glass colored rocks over the stone and have a magical elf area. These standard rectangle rain gutters are up to 3″ by 4″, after installation so they are quite small and out of the way, great for holiday decorating.

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What are the Best Rain Chains?

Watch this video to find the right style for you

60 gallon rain barrel-If you want to catch water for your garden (perfect if you have a large yard with no water access) and save on your water bill, you might think about getting a rain chain that catches water in a 60 or 300 gallon pot. Then just install a water spicket on the side, hook your hose up and viola!

Rain Barrel to Conserve Water
Rain Barrel to Conserve Water

They’re Not Just to Catch Rain

Rain Barrels are decorative and conversational pieces. Not only is the rain barrel cool to look at, it also helps reduce water runoff & pollutants in the air. You can use the water for washing cars, watering your lawn and garden.

Rainchains are ideal meditation (as well as realistic water diversion) and creates a stunning decoration to any landscape quanity. Monarch’s copper rain chain is 8.5 feet long and is made up of 20 cups catching more rain.

Japanese Rain ChainsSeo Rain Chain is a brand created by SEO Inc., a company that has been making rain chains for over half a century since the 1960s in Japan, a country where the first rain chain was invented. Rain chains are highly designed downspout that allows you to visually enjoy the flow of rain.

High Quality Rain Chains Made to Last by Monarch

The size of the rain chains cup is large enough for the water not to splash everywhere in heavy rains. Inspired by Japanese architectural, water cascades down each cup on the rain chains on the outside creating a fantastic waterfall and year round soothing sound of wind chimes, also used for meditation purposes.

Monarch Rain Chains– Monarch’s aluminum ring rain chain (black powder coated) adds a contemporary decorative element to your rain gutters. Creates a tranquil atomosphere as the rainwater cascades down the length of the rain chain. Constructed using high quality aluminum material, finished with a black powder lacquer.

(Round holes filter holds back large debris from gutters to keep it from clogging).

Read the reviews,

customers were very happy with this product, here’s one review:

5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful and functional

Sabrina J.

2 years ago

Gave my home instant interest and curb appeal to what was once a dated and hideous downspout. The rain chains arrived in a timely manner and were packaged nicely. Exceptional product and great price. Highly recommend.

Decorative Rain Chains
Monarch Rain Chain 28519 Pure Copper 8.5′
Monarch Rain Chain 10006 Pure Copper 8.5′
Monarch Rain Chain 50584 Aluminum 8.5′

The benefit and primary reason for using a rain chain is to prevent your garden area from eroding from the rainwater of the trough in the eave. It’s not a permanent soulution if you need a decent sized drainage system, although it works in small areas and is quite pleasing to the eye.

Rain chains can fix small problem areas and bring beauty to your exterior of your home, a little curb appeal and soft chime noise are always nice. For the most part they are an ornamental, beautiful addition to a gutter system. Rain chains are alternatives to a downspout, widely used in Japan.

Their purpose is largely decorative to make a water feature out of the transport of rainwater from the guttering downwards to a drain or to a storage container. Rainwater is sometimes collected for household usage.

Rain chains are typically either a series of metal cups, chained together with a hole in the bttom of each, or chain links that span vertically. Rain Water run-offs get disturbed from a rooftop gutter downward through the chain.

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