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This patio set adds a luxurious atmosphere that looks great and will last for years to come. Elegant design and solid construction give you a spacious and relaxing environment as you enjoy leisure time with friends and family in the comfort of your own back yard or patio. Cat tails or even Pampas grass give this image an outdoor close to nature feel, and that is what we’re all aiming for, in our outdoor private oasis.

Adding a waterfall fountain in with the foilage will add to the soothing sounds of trickling water cascading down the tiers. Browsing through the images, you know what colors you want, you can start there and figure out what other colors will make your patio set pop.

The gray’s and blues go together nicely with the added touch of lavender, not to mention the beautiful scent it throws off. Follow your passion- use your imagination and soon, you’ll know how to create your outdoor private oasis dream patio.

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Creating Outdoor Living
Delnavik Patio Furniture 10 Piece PE Rattan
Featured Patio Set

When You Can’t Find Peace & Relaxation

Step out into your own private outdoor oasis by the pool. Decorate your personal area with your style and make it your own. You’ll spend many hours outdoors enjoying the hardwork you put into it.

Delnavik outdoor product series is derived from the classic American home design concept, bringing you extraordinary comfort. We are constantly researching and developing a wide variety of outdoor furniture. Let you have a new living space, that surpasses the expectations of outdoor furniture. Our goal is for you to have cost-effective patio sofas”. By Delnavik

Mulitfunctional and easy to install, this 10 Piece wicker patio set is made of hi-quality synthetic handmade rattan. It includes 6 middle sofas with cusions, 2 corner sofas, 1 fire pit table and a tempered glass coffee table that won’t slip off. All necessary tools and detailed instructions are included.

Auto ignition propane Fire pits are CSA certified and meet all electrical requirements to ensure reliability and safety. Equipped with a high-efficiency burner, integrated push button ignition makes for an easy and hassle-free start, comes with a flame height adjustent and heats up to 55,000 BTU.

The gas fire pit table has a widened tabletop and is designed with a fire pit center cap for use as an outdoor dining or coffee table (when not in use, obviously).

Upgraded to wider arm rests to better fit for comfortability. The cusions are made of high quality verticle cotton, thickened cusions are designed with a zipper for easy removablity and cleaning.

This outdoor wicker patio set is made of rust proof steel frame for stability and balance, durable all-weather PE Rattan which is typical in most outdoor wicker products.

Shipped directly from U.S. warehouse, ensuring you’ll receive your products in a timely manner. The 10 piece combination wicker sofa set will be packed and sent in 7 boxes and may not arrive all at the same time. If there are any issues or damaged product, contact customer service and they will respond in 24 hours with a solution for you.

Top review from the United States

5.0 out of 5 stars High quality product, fantastic packaging

Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2022

I’m thoroughly pleased. The product was exactly as described. The packaging was unbelievably good. No damage at all. I will happily buy again from this vendor. That said, there were a couple of issues that buyers need to know:

1. Do NOT use the tools supplied with the product. The free tools are completely impractical for this assembly. Use your own ratchet and sockets for allen bolts and a ratchet screw driver.

2. When assembling the fire pit table, everything is OK till you try to put in the door. There was around 10 mm (3/8 inch) gap on both sides. No worries.

Loosen 2 bolts on the table and hold the frames and pull together just a bit. At the same time, tighten the bolts. If you’re sort of bending the frames just a little. It’s ok. The door then can slide on the frames.

3. The glass shield on top slips easily because it is not anchored (see picture). If you have this near a pool, that is not a great idea. I would suggest putting it upside down and sticking adhesive backed small rubber thingies you can get online for glass table tops.

It is not a perfect solution, but will have to do. I’ve given feedback to the seller to provide proper anchors in their next design.

4. Check EVERY bolt to ensure the allen key fits well in the bolt. In some bolts, the allen key slot is badly manufactured and the allen key slips in it. So, check, remove defective bolts and then start assembly.

All in all, a superb product. Very pleased.

Customer image
Outdoor Patio Set 10 Piece Assembled and Ready for Entertaining/ Thank You for Your Review!

The great thing about Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets and Sectionals are That You Can Arrange Them to Your Style!

Discover your passion, try adding some floral printed pillows to accent and offset the blue, although your sofa set is your focal point, don’t overdo, less is always more.

You can also add lighting, weather you have a pergola or an open concept patio, you can always dress it up with LED Solar lanterns with a few more smaller plants around them on the ground. Sounds great for a BBQ.

Delnavik Patio Furniture Set 6 Piece/Cream

Mix it up in your favorite order, making the look different for all occasions

Delnavik Patio Furniture Set 11 Piece/Red
Delnavik Patio Furniture Set 9 Piece /Navy-Blue

Delnavik outdoor product series is derived from the classic American home design concept, bringing you extraordinary comfort.

We are constantly researching and developing a wide variety of outdoor furniture, letting you have a new living space that surpasses the expectations of outdoor furniture. Our goal is for you to have cost-effective patio sofas.

All sets are the same (above) only featured in different colors and settings depending on your preferences.
NOTE: Some sets Per review, don’t include fire pits. Be sure to specify if you want one w/ your order.

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You just might find that perfect Outdoor set here!

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Small Outdoor Area?

You can still be comfortable on a small apartment patio with these adorable wicker swivel rockers at tea time.

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